We are a down-to-earth private equity fund

We offer capital and guidience to expanding businesses

We invest in the future winners among small and medium-sized Danish companies

Since the beginning of 2006, Capidea has focused on assisting business owners and management in unlocking the growth potential of companies and building larger and stronger enterprises.

We are a responsible, ambitious, long-term, and hands-on investor with extensive experience in forming partnerships with owners and management. We contribute with capital, expertise, and guidence to the companies that we invest in.

We focus on companies with long-term growth potential, where we, in partnership with the current owner and management, can further accelerate growth.

Fund I
Fund II
Fund III
Fund IV

3.6 DKKbn

In total capital commitment

26 pcs

Platform investments and more than 40 add-on acquisitions


Is the typical EBITDA level for the companies we invest in

At Capidea, we are


Long-term focused

Our companies need to be ready for the "Olympics" in 4-5 years. The training starts now with a focus on long-term value creation.


We grow our companies to become larger and stronger by enabling growth both organically and through acquisitions. We collaborate with owners and management who share this passion.


We develop our companies with a focus on collective solutions while having the environment around us in mind. We are honest individuals who prioritize solid reasoning. For us, a promise is binding, and our dialogue is sincere and transparent.


We build trusting partnerships between the owner, the management, the board, and Capidea. We are a collaborative partner, engaging on equal term.

The team behind Capidea consists of individuals with extensive experience in buying, selling, and developing companies.


A significant portion of the partnergroup has been working together since the establishment of Capidea. We, as business owners ourselves, comprehend the ongoing challenges faced by a growing company.

We are curious and committed in everything we do. At Capidea, developing companies isn ot just a job, it is a passion we all share.

Our goal is to become the best possible partner for the businesses we invest in.

Our companies


InterMail is a data-driven communication company that advises clients on generating leads, increasing sales, and enhancing customer loyalty. InterMail focuses…

Digital Group

Digital Group is a leading company in print solutions and print-related software in the Danish market. The company is nationwide…

Right People Group

Right People Group is an IT freelance provider that delivers external IT consultants across a wide range of services and…

HVACON Marine Systems

HVACON Marine Systems is a market leader in energy optimization solutions and software for the maritime industry. HVACON Marine Systems’…

Creativ Company

Creativ Company is a leading company in the development, procurement, and sale of hobby articles. The customer base includes schools…

T.A.P. (Wellvita)

T.A.P. develops and sells dietary supplements directly to consumers through Wellvita and indirectly to wholesalers through Mezina. T.A.P. has built…

European House of Beds

European House of Beds designs, manufactures, and sells bed solutions to retail chains and e-commerce actors in Scandinavia. The beds…

Holiday Group

The Holiday Group has a range of brands and websites that together form one of the leading online platforms for…


Maki is a leading distributor of toys for children aged 0-8 years. Maki has a portfolio consisting of 60+ strong…


Dancover is a leading European e-commerce company specializing in tent and storage solutions for both the private and professional markets….

Fairpoint Outdoors

Fairpoint Outdoors A/S udvikler, producerer og sælger sportsfiskeriudstyr. In addition to its own brands, Westin, Kinetic, and Unique Flies, Fairpoint…


Guldager is a leading Danish company in water treatment with subsidiaries in several European countries. Guldager produces water treatment solutions…