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Since 2006, we have been investing in small and medium-sized companies. We develop companies with a long-term approach through an open partnership with the existing management and external board members.

Portfolio Overview

A Typical Capidea Investment

We typically invest in a company in connection with a generational change or when the owner of the company wishes to strengthen the company's financial foundation to accelerate future growth. Other situations may include carve-outs or acquisitions from other financial investors. Capidea's equity investment per transaction typically ranges between DKK 30 million and 150 million, with the possibility of additional capital infusions later in the ownership period.

We always invest in partnership with the company's management and often identify additional individuals with strong competencies and solid leadership experience who can assist on the board and as co-investors.

The ownership period for the acquired companies is typically 3-7 years.

Capidea will always be represented by at least one partner on the company's board but we also involve external board members with relevant industry experience.


Our Investment Criteria

Our goal is to develop companies with a long-term, growth-oriented focus in mind. Thus, we primarily invest in companies that meet several of the following criteria:

Strong leadership

Attractive market position

Compelling products/services

Solid earnings

Attractive growth potential