About Capidea

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We are more than just investors - we are committed sparring partners. We value honest dialogue and mutual respect Together, we create the foundation for building better companies.

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The idea behind Capidea

The idea behind Capidea has always been to be a trusted sparring partner for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our purpose is to contribute capital, knowledge, and network to develop the company in collaboration with the management or former owner.

We are looking for companies with a strong business model, where we see an opportunity to further scale growth. Our strategic approach is always based on the existing culture and growth plan related to the company.

Together, we create a stronger foundation that can support increased revenue and profitability. By doing so, we can ensure a higher price when we eventually sell together.

We stand out

We take great pride in being a collaborative partner on equal footing. We take a genuine interest in our companies and the people we invest alongside with.

At Capidea, we have a partnership philosophy and therefore always invest alongside with the management. We aim to sahre the growth the journey. At Capidea, integrity is paramount, and our communication is consistently honest and transparent. We focus on treating everyone equally and respectfully - in this way, we can achieve effective results in a responsibly manner.


At Capidea, we are


Long-term focused

Our companies need to be ready for the "Olympics" in 4-5 years. The training starts now with a focus on long-term value creation.


We grow our companies to become larger and stronger by enabling growth both organically and through acquisitions. We collaborate with owners and management who share this passion.


We develop our companies with a focus on collective solutions while having the environment around us in mind. We are honest individuals who prioritize solid reasoning. For us, a promise is binding, and our dialogue is sincere and transparent.


We build trusting partnerships between the owner, the management, the board, and Capidea. We are a collaborative partner, engaging on equal term.

The team behind Capidea

At Capidea, we have a team of passionate individuals, all dedicated to making a difference in the companies we partner with. We are naturally curious and aim to make value creation accessible and understandable. We have our hand on the stove, as we invest alongside with the management.


Our history

Fund I 2007

Capidea was established in 2006 with Erik Balleby Jensen as Managing Partner, along with Nicolai Jungersen as partner. In 2007, the current Managing Partner, Martin Jørgensen, and current Partner Henrik Normann were hired. Capidea’s first fund was established with a capital commitment of DKKm 750. In total, Capidea completed eight investments in its first fund. By the way, the name Capidea is a contraction of ‘capital’ and ‘ideas”.  

Fund II 2012

In 2012, Capidea II was established with a capital commitment of DKKm 725. There were 8 investments made in Fund II.

Fund III 2017

In 2017, Capidea III was established with a capital commitment of DKKm 866. The fund has invested in 10 companies.

Fund IV 2023

In 2023, Capidea IV was established with a total capital commitment of nearly DKK 1.3 billion. The significantly higher capital commitment compared to previous funds can be attributed to both increased commitments from existing investors and substantial commitments from a number of new investors.

The formalities

We are a Danish private equity fund established in 2006. We have a total committed capital of approximately DKK 3.6 billion distributed across four funds. We primarily invest in industries such as manufacturing, trade, distribution, software, and services. Our focus is on growing, strengthening, and optimizing the company in partnership with management. We invest on behalf of a diverse investor base with strong industry expertise. Capidea Management (manager for Fund II, Fund III, and Fund IV) is registered as the manager of an Alternative Investment Fund ("AIFM") and is therefore subject to the FAIF Act. Additionally, we are tax transparent in Denmark.

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