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We consider sustainability essential for value creation. Our goal is to make sustainability a cornerstone of our portfolio companies' daily operation and commercial strategy, as well as contribute to a more sustainable world.

Sustainability - a part of our value creation

Our goal is to create sustainable value and to build better companies. That is why we prioritize sustainability. We assist companies in making sustainability tangible and emphasize the commercial aspects of a sustainable strategy. We guide all of our companies through a sustainability process, collaboratively crafting an ambitious and realistic sustainable strategy.

We understand sustainability as an essential part of value creation in small and medium-sized enterprises. We support our companies throughout the process and help with both the administrative and regulatory challenges. We acknowledge that all companies are different and face different challenges and opportunities,

but taking one small step at a time can make a big difference. Creating a sustainable strategy is a project we face together, and our portfolio companies are never left to face challenges alone.


Nicolai Jungersen, Katinka van der Watt Wodschow, Martin Jørgensen

Download our sustainability report

Read our latest sustainability report here:


Integrated the PRI framework into our annual ESG reporting.


Identified opportunities within our portfolio to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Categorized ESG risks and opportunities using the TCFD framework.


Established climate accounts in accordance with the GHG Protocol.


Portfolio companies are signatories of the UN's Global Compact.

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Sustainability in our portfolio

When it comes to corporate responsibility, we set high, yet realistic, expectations for our companies. A large portion of companies are required to report their sustainability activities according to Section 99a of the Annual Accounts Act, but we encourage all companies to work strategically with the area. We know that sustainability is a dynamic process. We continuously work to ensure that the entire portfolio integrates sustainability into the daily operation, risk management, and commercial strategy.

We help our portfolio companies meet the standards of the UN Global Compact, complete yearly assessments on environmental, social, and governance factors, use the results to make improvements, and report their progress on important sustainability issues.

Diversity is highly valued by the management teams in our portfolio. At Capidea, we have a policy that all boards must include at least one female member.

Our ultimate goal is for sustainability to become a top priority for all our portfolio companies.

We are responsible investors who believe that sustainability creates value not only for society but also for the individual company. We help make sustainability tangible, and we focus on the commercial aspects.

Nicolai Jungersen

Partner, Head of ESG

Tlf.: +45 41 19 41 26


Our policies

We adhere to the EU's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation as well as Active Ownership's guidelines for responsible ownership and good corporate governance. We have developed and published policies on sustainability, anti-corruption, and good governance, among others.

At Capidea, we are purposefully committed to supporting sustainable development through responsible investment practices that incorporate both our environmental and social responsibilities, as well as good corporate governance. Specifically, this means that:

  • We evaluate our investments in terms of their negative impact on sustainability factors.
  • We integrate any negative impacts on sustainability factors into our risk assessment and valuation processes
  • We continuously work to ensure that portfolio companies integrate sustainability into their daily operations, risk management, and commercial strategies

Read our entire sustainability policy here